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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part IV A Transylvanian Count

While the coven would appear to be the primary grouping of the vampire, there are also cases of the vampire acting alone, often as outcasts from their coven, weakened by their expulsion, but also of powerful ancients, as in the case of Professor Van Helsing’s tale of one Count Dracula.

 This fellow appears to have been a being of extraordinary power hailing from the far reaches of Transylvania. Van Helsing and his band of the great and the good chased the foul creature from England, following him to his own land before extinguishing him at the very foot of his castle. In the time that has since passed, the professor has continued to seek out the vampire, discovering the existence of many more than his most disturbing nightmares could have conceived.

 It is his opinion that had Dracula sought out the vampires of the city and subjected them to his rule, then London may have been the heart of an entirely different ‘Empire’. In turn it appears that the ‘civilised’ vampires of London purposely kept their distance from this eastern barbarian, though there are those who may have welcomed him as overlord.

The legacy of Dracula’s journey to our shores has, however, been to show the vampires that mortal men and women have an unrivalled capacity to ignore and forget. Dracula’s failure has given new vigour to the covens’ attempts to grow their power and influence. I fear a new era of dominance of the undead has begun. God have mercy on all our souls.

Addendum: Following our most recent encounter with the fiends, I have heard amongst the whispers that Dracula somehow still clings to his existence and there are those who await his return. How this can be I know not, yet I fear it all the same.

Monday, 15 April 2019

A sneak peak at Gentlemen Adventurers 2

They are off to our casters today and should be available to buy via Oshiro Model Terrain in about three weeks along with the first of the Fledglings and the Doctors and Scholars pack.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Highgate Miniatures are now available!

Highgate Miniatures are now available from the OSHIRO webshop linked below. We look forward to your orders :-)

We will post some more game shots from the Salute 'Horror in Limehouse' game at the weekend :-)

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part III The Weakness and Organisation of the Creature

The Vampire is indeed a terrifying foe and it would be all too simple to concede defeat and accept their mastery.

Yet they also have their weaknesses. They are repelled by the trappings of God such as the cross and grievously harmed by the touch of holy water. The vampire cannot simply enter a dwelling either, for they must have permission from an occupant to do so, though with their ability to control the minds of others I fear that this may often be of little comfort. They are also only at their apex of their powers in the night, for their abilities largely desert them during the day where they must normally seek refuge in a coffin, tomb, or other such place where the sanctity it once held has been despoiled. However, dear reader, we do know that the creatures may still wander the streets in the daylight, and though they may be far weaker they remain deadly foes.
The vampire that Howell and your correspondent initially encountered was a newly created creature (I understand they refer to them as fledglings) and part of what the vampires refer to as a ‘coven’. This appears to be a group of vampires ruled (for they truly do rule in the manner of the nobility) by the most powerful and ancient of their number, supported by powerful acolytes they themselves have often spawned over the decades. They may also have a number of these fledglings, spawned by the master or perhaps a trusted acolyte, though I daresay a number of such creatures find their way onto the streets outside of the coven. Our work has also identified men and women not yet cursed by this unholy plague who serve the vampires in a parody of many of the great homes of the land. Perhaps they follow for the promise of immortality or perhaps they are kept in a state of permanent confoundment by the powers of their masters?

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Salute 2019

For those who weren’t able to attend Salute yesterday here are some photos of the figures on display at the  Oshiro Model Terrain stand and the gaming table also built by Oshiro, “ Horror in Limehouse” where we introduced the new Fistful of Lead Rules supplement Tales of Horror.

The figures will be available later this week via the Oshiro website. We’ll post details on the blog and a link to the site in the next few days.