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Friday, 27 September 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part XIV The First Case VII

The woman hesitated briefly then hissed loudly, her attractive features changing instantly. Hers was the face of a demon, her contorted snarl exposed fangs like a wild beast, her face twisted in savagery. Howell fired a shot into the air but she barely seemed to notice. Now Sheraton Howell is a gentleman but he is also, thankfully, highly pragmatic. As she approached he fired once more into the ground at her feet, then seeing no hesitancy in her approach, he fired a single shot into her leg. Alas, this but slowed her down and seemed to simply anger her more. The beast swiped at Howell, knocking the gun from his hand and sending him staggering backwards.

It was then that I found myself running across the garden, sword cane drawn, almost unaware of my own actions. The devil woman was clawing at Howell’s injured arm and I swear it was if she was some predator about to make a meal. I sliced at the woman’s legs, just below the knees, and she screamed as if she was indeed a beast. She turned to face me as Howell grasped for his gun. Picking it up he fired directly into her back several times and I saw at least one of the bullets exit her chest. We could scarcely believe that she still stood, yet stand she did, her screams awful to recall. The ruckus had by now awakened the household and several police whistles could be heard nearby. The woman turned and fled, still able to clear the garden wall, but not without some struggle from the wounds inflicted. Howell, though injured, shouted ‘after her’. The door to the house opened and I shouted to the figure in the doorway, pointing to the fallen figure of the young girl lying on the grass. She had not been touched in the brawl and I suspected she had simply fainted.

New Characters for Victorian London

Our latest 28mm sculpts, four new characters  for Victorian London:

Sheraton Howell a Consulting Detective, Dr James Whittle, John Chinaman and Edward “The Tug” Peters.

Read all about Sheraton Howell and his companion Dr Whittle in the ongoing short stories here on the Highgate Miniatures Blog.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part XV The First Case VIII

We ran into the alley way through the gate, which we had arranged to be left open. We could see the woman scramble over another wall and we ran to ensure she remained in view. We manage to keep her in sight through the unusually clear night, her apparently much reduced agility, and a little luck with our guesswork on those occasions where she drifted out of view.

We finally lost her in an area comprised of some splendid old properties where the large trees restricted our view and already limited light. There were now houses with lit rooms and little in the way of clues to determine whether the she-devil had simply passed through the area or had taken refuge in one of the buildings. It was then that I remembered Howell’s injury which he had fastidiously failed to mention during our pursuit. The scratches to his shoulder and arm were deep and I was certain he would bear them forever more, though I thought it best not to mention this. They would need to be cleaned and dressed soon. The exertion of the chase now lay heavily on Howell and his pains began to intensify so we reluctantly agreed to find our way back to an area we recognised and thenceforth to return to my lodgings for treatment and breakfast.

‘Howell’ I started, but my words were cut short by a finger to his lips. ‘James’ he whispered, ‘if you were a ragged beast of the type we just encountered, would you be more inclined to reside in a fine dwelling complete with servants,’ he paused, casting his good arm towards the houses around us. ‘or would you place yourself in a location such as this?’ He pointed to a large house opposite us which, unlike the ones we had walked past was set some way back from the street and had a distinctly unkempt appearance. Heavy shutters covered the windows, though as I followed the direction Howell was pointing I could see that a single large window was not shuttered and lay open, a curtain, grey in the poor light, flapped in and out of the opening.

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part XII The First Case V

For three evenings we sat in a cold, draughty summerhouse, watching whilst absolutely nothing happened. The clear, moonlight nights we were experiencing (somewhat rare given the normal cloud and smog) made the nights even colder than normal. We almost determined against a fourth night, but found ourselves huddled in blankets once more, straining out eyes across the manicured lawn and well-kept borders even as we fought sleep. My eyes heavy, I was jostled awake by Howell who was pointing towards something moving across the lawn by the house. I looked to Howell and silently mouthed the words ‘the daughter’. Howell nodded. Attired in naught but a nightdress, the young girl flitted across the grass, eyes wide open yet her body moving as if asleep. Perhaps this was the somnambulism I had read about? I moved to stand up, intent on approaching the girl to cover her modesty (and there was a frightful chill in the air), but Howell grasped my arm, nodding to the rear of the garden.

In the moonlight stood a woman. She was barefooted, dressed in a tattered dress with long, unkempt hair. I had neither heard not seen her entering the garden. Something appalled me about the woman and I felt a chill deeper than could be accounted for by the night alone. As she walked towards the young girl she gestured, beckoning her forward with her long fingers. There was at once a sense of beauty and of horror, for the woman exuded a sense of savagery I had rarely encountered in my time with Howell, and never in a woman. I was transfixed.

The Fox and Hounds - the chase concludes!

Janek Skorzany, the Vampire Master is fleeing through the semi deserted streets of Limehouse, with the Policemen of Hades Division and Professor DeSenzles  close on his tail trying to reach safety on the other side of town.

Trying to shake off his pursuers Skorzany charges into an alleyway, where Limehouse folk even at this late hour still ply their wares.

But the Scotland Yard detectives knowing the streets and back alleys of London far better than the Master move to intercept him.

Soon they are upon his heels and are close enough to fire their rifles at him time and again as he desperately tries to out run them.

Whilst the bullets do not kill the Vampire they serve to slow his ability to move at speed and he is forced to take shelter in a dark corner of the alley.

Caring little for his own safety Professor Desenzles seeing the Vampire weakened  seizes the opportunity and charges into hand to hand combat with The Master with only one thought to extinguish this foul creature!

But help for the Master is at hand, Lord Hardacre and Lord Luscombe have arrived and their henchmen charge forward to protect their Master.

A titantic struggle ensues, Rifles and pistols fire, cudgels crush and swords and knives cut through flesh! The Professor and the Master trade blows; claw and fang attack Stake and Cross!

The fighting is quick but very brutal. Professor Defenslez manages to drive his stake deep into The Vampire masters heart, but his triumph is short lived having seen the Masters body crumble to dust,  he is beaten to death by the masters enraged henchmen. The policemen are also overcome and many bodies litter this quiet corner of Limehouse.


- Lord Hardacre and Lord Luscombe quickly disappear before more police arrive to contemplate what and how they will tell the Vampire Council about Janek Skorzany's demise.

- Professor Defenzles's friends recover his battered body and retreat to decide their future now that both Skorzany and Defenzles are dead.

- Detective Inspector Straker returns to Scotland Yard to inform his seniors that the Vampire threat to Limehouse has been eliminated.



Who is this pale figure that lurks and watches from  the shadows?

A new power is rising in Limehouse....



Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part VIII The First Case

Howell looked tired. His finely groomed moustache was, as always, finely groomed, yet several day's growth of stubble clung to his sharp face. He wore an old smoking jacket with a large scorch mark on the left breast where he had apparently placed a still lit pipe, concentrating on some matter that had shut out more rational thought. He was agitated and could not remain still. He had heard that the city's 'Premier' consulting detective (Europe's?) often took to scratching at a violin as an act of concentration, but Howell would, in his own words, 'be damned if he had the time to decipher tadpoles on a page just for the pleasure of recreating the sound of a rusty gate'. This would have, however, been preferable (at least in Whittle's mind) to Howell's preferred relaxation technique of throwing knives at a heavy wooden board that had replaced the mirror above the fireplace. In fairness his aim had improved as the cluster of nicks near the centre of the board suggested.

'James, I cannot help but think these events are connected. My recent trip to Amsterdam, for that is where I have been, simply reinforced the gravity of the situation we face." Howell stooped to pick up a cricket bag lying by a pail of coal, pulling out a stout wooden stake." Our new friends have provided us with a few new tools".

"That would have been damned useful in our, well, 'First Case' with those things" I added.

"Indeed it would have, James, indeed it would have." Howell paused, looking around for his pipe, "I have been thinking about that night. It may be useful to go over it again, after all, we have barely spoken of it."

Friday, 6 September 2019

New photos!

Some new pics of  our previous releases:
Doctors and Scholars
Gentlemen Adventurers 2
Fledglings 1

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The third release is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of the next packs of figures. These will be in the Oshiro Model Terrain web shop:

Resourceful ladies.

Gypsies 1

Fledgling Vampires 2