Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Fox and Hounds - the chase concludes!

Janek Skorzany, the Vampire Master is fleeing through the semi deserted streets of Limehouse, with the Policemen of Hades Division and Professor DeSenzles  close on his tail trying to reach safety on the other side of town.

Trying to shake off his pursuers Skorzany charges into an alleyway, where Limehouse folk even at this late hour still ply their wares.

But the Scotland Yard detectives knowing the streets and back alleys of London far better than the Master move to intercept him.

Soon they are upon his heels and are close enough to fire their rifles at him time and again as he desperately tries to out run them.

Whilst the bullets do not kill the Vampire they serve to slow his ability to move at speed and he is forced to take shelter in a dark corner of the alley.

Caring little for his own safety Professor Desenzles seeing the Vampire weakened  seizes the opportunity and charges into hand to hand combat with The Master with only one thought to extinguish this foul creature!

But help for the Master is at hand, Lord Hardacre and Lord Luscombe have arrived and their henchmen charge forward to protect their Master.

A titantic struggle ensues, Rifles and pistols fire, cudgels crush and swords and knives cut through flesh! The Professor and the Master trade blows; claw and fang attack Stake and Cross!

The fighting is quick but very brutal. Professor Defenslez manages to drive his stake deep into The Vampire masters heart, but his triumph is short lived having seen the Masters body crumble to dust,  he is beaten to death by the masters enraged henchmen. The policemen are also overcome and many bodies litter this quiet corner of Limehouse.


- Lord Hardacre and Lord Luscombe quickly disappear before more police arrive to contemplate what and how they will tell the Vampire Council about Janek Skorzany's demise.

- Professor Defenzles's friends recover his battered body and retreat to decide their future now that both Skorzany and Defenzles are dead.

- Detective Inspector Straker returns to Scotland Yard to inform his seniors that the Vampire threat to Limehouse has been eliminated.



Who is this pale figure that lurks and watches from  the shadows?

A new power is rising in Limehouse....



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