Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part III The Weakness and Organisation of the Creature

The Vampire is indeed a terrifying foe and it would be all too simple to concede defeat and accept their mastery.

Yet they also have their weaknesses. They are repelled by the trappings of God such as the cross and grievously harmed by the touch of holy water. The vampire cannot simply enter a dwelling either, for they must have permission from an occupant to do so, though with their ability to control the minds of others I fear that this may often be of little comfort. They are also only at their apex of their powers in the night, for their abilities largely desert them during the day where they must normally seek refuge in a coffin, tomb, or other such place where the sanctity it once held has been despoiled. However, dear reader, we do know that the creatures may still wander the streets in the daylight, and though they may be far weaker they remain deadly foes.
The vampire that Howell and your correspondent initially encountered was a newly created creature (I understand they refer to them as fledglings) and part of what the vampires refer to as a ‘coven’. This appears to be a group of vampires ruled (for they truly do rule in the manner of the nobility) by the most powerful and ancient of their number, supported by powerful acolytes they themselves have often spawned over the decades. They may also have a number of these fledglings, spawned by the master or perhaps a trusted acolyte, though I daresay a number of such creatures find their way onto the streets outside of the coven. Our work has also identified men and women not yet cursed by this unholy plague who serve the vampires in a parody of many of the great homes of the land. Perhaps they follow for the promise of immortality or perhaps they are kept in a state of permanent confoundment by the powers of their masters?

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