Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The Casebook of Sheraton Howell: Part IX The First Case II

Perhaps by working through the sequence of events that we experienced on that fateful ‘First Case’ (in terms of our involvement with the vampire) we might identify some connection or clue as to what was currently going on? I still shuddered thinking about that night when we first saw for ourselves that such creatures as vampires truly existed, beyond the wit of science or the grace of God. But, our failure to revisit the events of that night were, as Howell was intimating, very likely hindering our ability to draw any satisfactory conclusions from that night.

I brought out my notes and we sat around the fireplace as the chill of the night set in.
‘It started with a visit from the distraught Mrs Gilliat did it not?’ I asked, as I could see Howell was already racing ahead in his mind.

‘That is correct James’. Her poorly niece had failed to return from an evening constitutional and her chaperone had been found in a state of confusion, entirely unaware of the proceeding hour. ‘What does that tell us?’
‘Well, our new friends have informed us that some of these creatures have the power to confound the senses and minds of others. We might assume that the one we encountered in this case had just such an ability’.
‘My summation also, James. Let us start from the beginning and dissect the events of that case’.

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